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2021 Summer Student Program Application Period Ends March 31st. Apply online here.

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Program Background:

HMRI has a long history of hosting the Summer Student Program, providing undergraduate students with educational, hands-on experience in biomedical research. The program offers participants the opportunity to experience the day-to-day workings of a research facility and develop a better understanding of the scientific process. Each receives safety training before being assigned to a specific project by one of HMRI’s researchers. At the end of the program, students give a presentation outlining their experience and research findings. Several of our Summer Student Program alumni have gone on to be chairs of medical school departments and medical research institutes!

2021 Program Information:

HMRI’s 2021 Summer Student Program for current undergraduate, aspiring scientists will work alongside a science instructor and serve as teaching assistants for high school students enrolled in the virtual summer STEM program. The undergraduate students will serve as mentors and help the high school students gain insight into research methods and laboratory techniques. We maintain a variety of scientific disciplines at HMRI, some of which include research on Alzheimer’s Disease, Migraine, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Cardiovascular laboratory-based research.

Program Requirements:

  1. Applicants MUST be current undergraduate/graduate students enrolled in an academic program.
  2. Applicants MUST be over 18 years of age.
  3. If accepted into the program, students are required to attend and participate in the virtual program which meets Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm in Pasadena, CA from June 17 to July 30.
Stipend and Resources:
Selected students will receive a stipend amount to cover any program expenses. The undergraduate students will also have the opportunity to participate in focused scientific discussions via zoom that will allow them to better understand the scientific process.
Online Application Requirements: March 31, 2021 Deadline to apply

Click here for online application

  1. Applicant contact information
  2. Current school information
  3. Cover letter (upload)
  4. Resume (upload)
  5. List of three (3) references (upload)
  6. Two (2) reference letters (upload)
    1. If your prof/employer prefers to submit the letter directly to HMRI they can do so by emailing it to HR@HMRI.ORG. In the meantime, upload a word or pdf document stating that they will be submitting the letter directly to HMRI. The application system will not allow you to submit your application unless a file is uploaded.
  7. Copy of college/university acceptance letter (upload)
  8. Copy of most recent school transcript (upload)
  9. Deadline to apply is March 31, 2021